today: sunday may 19th Daily menus tomorrow: monday may 20th
Beef tartare with toast and garlic mayonnaise155 CZK
Fried pieces of carp with chilli sauce165 CZK
Marinated Olomouc curd cheese with red onion and chilli149 CZK
Sausages braised in dark beer with vegetables149 CZK
Patato pancake with cabbage and smoked meat149 CZK
Beef broth with meat and noodles69 CZK
Freshly mixed beef tartar with fried bread and garlic295 CZK
Roasted chicken wings with chilli dressing and radish salad285 CZK
Braised beef in a creamy sauce with crannberry jam, bread dumplings255 CZK
Roasted chicken leg from farmhouse, mashed potatoes249 CZK
Pork cutlet schnitzel fried in butter with patato salad275 CZK
Salad with roast beef199 CZK
Layer cake with sour cream and dark chocolate69 CZK
Tomato soup with mascarpone cheese and potato gnocchi95 CZK
Tagliatelle with asparagus and dried ham318 CZK
Swordfish in black olives, tomatoes, with asparagus and roast potatoes485 CZK
Roast beef with tomato sauce, bread dumplings255 CZK
Spinach soup with poached egg and potato crumble88 CZK
Spaghetti with garlic, olives and rocket255 CZK
Karotková polévka98 CZK
Grilled chicken298 CZK
tomorrow: monday may 20th Daily menus today: sunday may 19th
Strong beef broth with dropped flour noodles65 CZK
Garlic soup59 CZK
Tripe soup69 CZK
Roast pork leg with creamy sauce and ham, bread dumplings189 CZK
Beef ragout, potato gnocchi219 CZK
Pork lungs with creamy sauce, bread dumplings189 CZK
Minced pork schnitzel with cheese, mashed potatoes199 CZK
Sliced potatoes baked with ham189 CZK
Green asparagus with lemon mayonnaise, buttered potatoes225 CZK
Garlic soup with croutons65 CZK
Braised beef shoulder with mushroom sauce, steamed rice195 CZK
Braised pork with paprika, pasta185 CZK
Minced pork schnitzel, mashed potatoes189 CZK
Sliced potatoes baked with ham and pickles185 CZK
Apple bread pudding with curd cheese159 CZK
Pea soup with croutons45 CZK
Tripe soup69 CZK
Potato dumplings filled with smoked meat185 CZK
Pork braised in paprika, pasta169 CZK
Minced beef and pork burger steak, mashed potatoes179 CZK
Sweet and sour lentils and sausages179 CZK
Chicken broth with shaved flour noodles59 CZK
Lentil soup with Frankfurters65 CZK
Tripe soup69 CZK
Beef braised in bacon, steamed rice, soup195 CZK
Juicy pieces of pork belly with sauerkraut, potato dumplings, soup195 CZK
Cevapi (grilled minced meat rolls), buttered potatoes, soup185 CZK
Green asparagus with potatoes and mayonnaise249 CZK
Lentil soup with Frankfurters49 CZK
Braised beef roasted with creamy sauce, bread dumplings249 CZK
Braised beef neck with tomato sauce, bread dumplings199 CZK
Beef tokan, steamed rice189 CZK
Ćevapi (grilled minced meat rolls), buttered potatoes179 CZK
Pork risotto with cheese and pickles185 CZK
Fried champignon mushrooms with boiled potatoes and tartar sauce179 CZK
Frankfurter soup59 CZK
Tripe soup69 CZK
Beef shin goulash, bread dumplings255 CZK
Boiled beef neck with horseradish sauce, bread dumplings209 CZK
Chicken braised with paprika sauce, pasta179 CZK
Minced beef and pork burger steak, mashed potatoes189 CZK
Shopska salad179 CZK
Roast beef with tomato sauce, bread dumplings255 CZK
Oyster mushroom soup85 CZK
White asparagus in butter, potatoes with kefir and dill288 CZK
Grilled salmon, potato salad with eggs315 CZK
Lasagne with Naples ragout285 CZK
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